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Scyliorhinus haeckelii Stuffed Cat Shark cm 51 Dogfishes Cartilaginous Fishes Chondrichthyes Selachians Elasmobranchs Carchariformes

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Origin : Brazil

Size : cm 51

Stuffed Spotted Catfish Cat Shark cm 51 Scyliorhinus haeckelii Dogfishes Cartilaginous Fishes Chondrichthyes Selachians Elasmobranchs Carchariformes.
Measure: diagonal cm 42, real lenght about cm 51.
Only a piece, as in photos.
Common name:
Freckled Catfish.
Also available Shark Teeth, Necklaces and Jaws, at this link.

Scyliorhinus haeckelii is a shark of the order Carcharhiniformes, family Scyliorhinidae (Cat Shark) which includes 15 species.
The etymology of its name comes from the Greek: skylla = a type of shark + rhinos = nose.
It lives in the marine environment, between 40 and 400 meters deep. Its distribution is in the western Atlantic: from the coast of Venezuela to Brazil, up to Argentina.
Its maximum length is about 60 cm for male and 50 cm for the female.
It is believed that this species is associated with coralliform or calcareous algal formations where it lays paired eggs. The embryos feed exclusively on yolk. The contents of his stomach have detected squid beaks and skeletal elements of bony fish.

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