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Shipments take place 1-2 times a week with Italian Post (delivery in 2-4 working days from dispatch). There are no urgent deliveries. The price of shipments (only Italy) is € 9.00, a one-off amount for any type of purchase up to 20 Kg. The shipping discounts remain valid:  5.00 euros for orders over 100 euros, free for orders over 200 euros.
Abroad shipments, rental items, collection on site and return of the goods have currently been suspended.
Regarding the goods you will receive, we also guarantee that you will not be infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the most absolute way. At this link all the information.

Ichthiosaurus a Reptile... disguised by Dolphin
A new article is online in our Blog dedicated to the ichthyosaur a wonderful Jurassic Marine Reptile that resembled very little to a Reptile. If you want to learn more here you find the article and if you wish to add a real Ichthyosaur Fossil Bone to your Collection (for only 19 Euros) click here.

May 18, 1980 the volcano awakens. The Eruption of St. Helens
On the occasion of the anniversary of the Eruption of Mount Sant'Elena we have published a new article in our blog that traces the history and events of the most catastrophic eruption in the United States. Available in the Mineral Catalog the original Ash from the Eruption of St. Helens and many other famous Volcanoes

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