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strange and giant spectacular insects

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Cat: collections and books
205,80 149,00

Only 14.90 Euros per Insect ! Collection 10 mixed Insects extralarge...

Cat: collections and books
214,10 149,00

Only 14.90 Euro for Giant Insect ! Collection 10 mixed extralarge...

Cat: Cerambycidae
Acrocinus longimanus (3) Tropical Insect Coleopter Harlequin Longhorn Beetle

Acrocinus longimanus cm 5.1 Tropical Insect Coleopter Harlequin...

Cat: Nymphalidae
Archaeoprepona demophon Insect Tropical Butterfly Nymphalid

Archaeoprepona demophon one wing lenght cm 4-5 Insect Tropical...

Cat: Moths
Attacus atlas Giant Moth Insect Tropical Night Butterfly Saturnid

Attacus atlas one wing lenght cm 10-11.5 Giant Moth Insect Tropical...

Cat: Curculionidae
Brachycerus ornatus (1) Tropical Insect Coleopter Giant True Weevil Snout Beetle

Brachycerus ornatus cm 2.8-3.5 Tropical Insect Coleopter Giant True...

Cat: Cerambycidae
Callipogon armillatus Tropical Insect Coleopter Giant Longhorn Beetle

Callipogon armillatus cm 8-9.5 Insect Coleopter Giant Longhorn...

Cat: Formicidae (ants)
Camponotus gigas Giant Ant Tropical Soldier Insect Hymenopterus Formicidae

Camponotus gigas cm 2.2-2.5 Giant Ant Tropical Soldier Insect...

Cat: Dynastinae
66,60 54,70

Chalcosoma caucasus, cm 10-11 Tropical Insect Coleopter Scarab...

Cat: Euchirinae
75,50 65,50

Cheirotonus jansoni male cm 5.5-6 Tropical Insect Coleopter...

Cat: Lucanidae
Dorcus titanus yasuokai Stag Beetle Tropical Insect Coleopter

Dorcus titanus yasuokai  cm 8-8.5 Stag Beetle Tropical Insect...

Cat: Dynastinae
Dynastes neptunus Tropical Insect Coleopter Scarab Rhinoceros Beetle

Dynastes neptunus  cm 12.3 Tropical Insect Coleopter Scarab...

Cat: Buprestidae
Euchroma gigantea Tropical Insect Coleopter Giant Jewel Beetle

Euchroma gigantea gigantea cm 5-5.5 Tropical Insect Coleopter Giant...

Cat: Dynastinae
Eupatorus gracilicornis Male Large Tropical Insect Coleopter Scarab Rhinoceros Beetle

Eupatorus gracilicornis Male Large cm 7.5-8 Tropical Insect...

Cat: Heteroptera (bugs)
Eurypleura bicornis Tropical Insect True Giant Stink Shield Bug Hemipterus Heteroptera Tessarotomid

Eurypleura bicornis cm 4-4.5 Large Insect True Giant Stink Shield Bug...

Cat: Homoptera (cicades)
27,90 19,90

Fulgora (Pyrops) lanternaria cm 5.5-6.5 wing span cm 11-13 Insect...

Cat: Cetoniinae
Goliathus albosignatus kirkianus Tropical Insect Coleopter Beetle Scarab Fruit Flower Chafer

Goliathus albosignatus kirkianus  cm 6-6.2 Tropical Insect...

Cat: Papilionidae
Graphium weiskei Insect Tropical Butterfly Papilionid Swallowtail

Graphium weiskei one wing lenght cm 3-3.5 Insect Tropical Butterfly...

Cat: spiders and tarantula
Haplopelma lividum Giant Tarantula Tropical Spider Arachnida Theraphosidae

Haplopelma lividum LARGE cm 13-15 leg span Giant Tarantula Tropical...

Cat: Pieridae
Hebomoia leucippe daemonis Insect Tropical Butterfly Pierid

Hebomoia leucippe daemonis one wing lenght cm 4-4.5, A1- quality...

Cat: scorpions
Heterometrus laoticus Black Giant Scorpion Tropical Arachnida

Heterometrus laoticus LARGE cm 11-13 Black Giant Scorpion Tropical ...

Cat: Nymphalidae
31,10 27,00

Hypolimnas dexithea one wing lenght cm 4.5-5 Tropical Insect...

Cat: Nymphalidae
Kallima inachus chinensis (1) Tropical Insect Butterfly Nymphalid

Kallima inachus chinensis wingspan cm 4-4.5 Tropical Insect...

Cat: Heteroptera (bugs)
16,80 13,80

Lethocerus grandis cm 7-8 Tropical Insect Giant Water Scorpion True...

Cat: other lots
Lot 5 Collectible Phasmides Malaysia Tropical Stick Insects Phasmida (5)

Only 12.50 Euros per Phasmida ! Lot 5 Collectible Phasmides Tropical...

Cat: Lucanidae
Lucanus cervus XL (2) Stag Beetle Insect Coleopter

Lucanus cervus XL male cm 7.2 Stag Beetle Insect Coleopter , only...

Cat: other coleopters
Manticora latipennis Tropical Insect Coleopter Giant Tiger Beetle

Manticora latipennis cm 4.7- 5.5 Tropical Insect Coleopter Giant...

Cat: Dynastinae
Megasoma actaeon (1) Insect Coleopter Scarab Rhinoceros Beetle

Megasoma actaeon cm 10.5-11 Male Giant Tropical Insect...

Cat: Carabidae
Mormolyce phyllodes LARGE (2) Tropical Insect Violin Coleopter Ground Beetle Carabid

Mormolyce phyllodes cm 9-9.5 Tropical Insect Violin Coleopter Ground...

Cat: Morphidae Morphinae
Morpho absoloni Insect Blue Tropical Butterfly Morphos

Morpho absoloni one wing lenght cm 4.5-5 Insect Blue Tropical...

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