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strange and giant spectacular insects

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Cat: collections and books
201,30 139,00

Only 13.90 Euro for Giant Insect ! Collection 10 mixed extralarge...

Cat: collections and books
207,40 139,00

Only 13.90 Euro for Giant Insect ! Collection 10 mixed extralarge...

Cat: Cerambycidae
Acrocinus longimanus

harlequin beetle, male, cm 5-5.2. The harlequin beetle (Acrocinus...

Cat: Nymphalidae
Archaeoprepona demophon

one wing lenght cm 4-5. Known also as the one-spotted prepona, banded...

Cat: Moths
Attacus atlas

Atlas moth, one wing lenght cm 10-11.5. Family: Saturniidae The atlas...

Cat: Curculionidae
Brachycerus ornatus (1)

giant tropical Curculionidae, cm 2.8-3.5

Cat: Cerambycidae
Callipogon armillatus

giant longhorn beetle, cm 8-9.5

Cat: Formicidae (ants)
Camponotus gigas

most giant tropical soldier ant, cm 2.2-2.5. Also available lot 5...

Cat: Dynastinae
Chalcosoma caucasus

cm 10-11, A1- quality (the distal end of one or more legs may be...

Cat: other coleopters
66,10 54,00

male, cm 5.5-6. Family: Euchiridae

Cat: Lucanidae
Dorcus titanus yasuokai

cm 8-8.5. Dorcus titanus, also known as giant stag beetle, is a...

Cat: Dynastinae
Dynastes hercules

cm 12.6, only a piece, as in fourth photo

Cat: Dynastinae
Dynastes neptunus (2)

cm 12.2, only a piece, as in the third picture

Cat: Buprestidae
Euchroma gigantea gigantea

giant Buprestidae, cm 5-5.5

Cat: Dynastinae
Eupatorus gracilicornis M

male, large, cm 7.5-8. The species is available to individual...

Cat: Heteroptera (bugs)
Eurypleura bicornis

cm 4-4.5. Family: Tessarotomidae  

Cat: Homoptera (cicades)
18,70 14,00

A1- quality, cm 5.5-6.5, wing span cm 11-13,  great decorative...

Cat: Cetoniinae
Goliathus albosignatus kirkianus

cm 6-6.2

Cat: Papilionidae
Graphium weiskei

one wing lenght cm 3-3.5

Cat: spiders and tarantula
Haplopelma lividum

leg span cm 13-15. Common name: The cobalt blue tarantula. Family:...

Cat: Pieridae
9,40 7,90

one wing lenght cm 4-4.5, A1- quality (specimen has small...

Cat: scorpions
Heterometrus cyaneus (3)

Java black scorpion, cm 11.5-12. Available also in different sizes...

Cat: scorpions
15,10 9,90

black scorpion of Thailand, cm 11-13. Also available in lots of 3...

Cat: Merostomata (horseshoe crabs)
171,60 144,00

Giant Horseshoe crab (sea arachnid) Tachypleus gigas Extralarge XL...

Cat: Merostomata (horseshoe crabs)
Horseshoe Crab Giant (1) cm 58 Tachypleus gigas

Giant Horseshoe crab (sea arachnid) Tachypleus gigas Extralarge XL...

Cat: Nymphalidae
Hypolimnas dexithea

diadem Madagascar, endemic, one wing lenght cm 4.5-5. N.B. the...

Cat: Nymphalidae
Kallima inachus chinensis

wingspan cm 4-4.5. Common name: Orange Oakleaf or Dead Leaf...

Cat: Heteroptera (bugs)
Lethocerus grandis

giant "water scorpion", cm 7-8. Famiglia: Belostomatidae...

Cat: other lots
lot 5 phasmides mix Malaysia (5)

lot 5 tropical stick insects (Phasmida), mixed species, 6.5-10.5 cm,...

Cat: other coleopters
Manticora latipennis

Coleopter Tiger Beetle cm 4.7-5.5. Family: Cicindelidae The manticore...

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