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We decided to close for a few days for security reasons in order to avoid contacts with customers, suppliers, couriers etc. to protect us and everyone because we believe it is time to give priority to health rather than economic reasons. We feel as soon as possible when all this has passed thanks to te commitment and sacrifice of everyone.
Every order confirmed before the closing date and undispatched because awaiting payment, will be kept in suspense until the opening date of our office.
You cannot do any new purchases in this moment, because out of order. However, you can add the products you look at on your Wish List to buy them later.
Please don’t send us orders by e-mail, thank you.
 Sorry for eventually inconveniences and...everything will be fine :-)


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Cat: Curculionidae
Apoderus coryli

mm 7-8

Cat: Curculionidae
Brachycerus ornatus (1)

giant tropical Curculionidae, cm 2.8-3.5

Cat: Curculionidae
14,40 7,00

giant tropical Curculionidae, A2 quality, cm 2.8-3.5

Cat: Curculionidae
Celebia arrigans

cm 1.6-2

Cat: Curculionidae
Cionus hortulanus

mm 3.5-4

Cat: Curculionidae
Curculio elephas

mm 6-10, rostrum not included. It has spread throughout southern...

Cat: Curculionidae
Curculio glandum

mm 7-8. Known as "acorn weevil" (Marsham, 1802), does not...

Cat: Curculionidae
Eupholus bennetti

cm 2-2.8

Cat: Curculionidae
Eupholus linnei

cm 2-3

Cat: Curculionidae
Larinus sturnus

mm 8-10

Cat: Curculionidae
Liparus dirus

cm 2-2.4

Cat: Curculionidae
3,90 3,00

cm 2.1-3

Cat: coleopters
lot 5 Curculionidae Malaysia

5 mixed Curculionidae Malaysia, mm 5-20

Cat: coleopters
lot 10 Curculionidae Turkey

10 mixed Curculionidae of Turkey, mm 4-20, not determined, only a...

Cat: Curculionidae
Mononychus punctum-album

mm 4

Cat: Curculionidae
Otiorhynchus salicicola

cm 1.2-1.3

Cat: Curculionidae
Pachyrrhynchus absurdus

cm 1.5-1.6

Cat: Curculionidae
Pachyrrhynchus amabilis

cm 1.2-1.3, quality A1- (some claws may be missing).

Cat: Curculionidae
Pachyrrhynchus gemmatus purpureus

cm 1.2-1.6

Cat: Curculionidae
Pachyrrhynchus helleri

cm 1.5-2

Cat: Curculionidae
7,00 3,70

A2 quality, cm 1.3-1.5, pink variety

Cat: Curculionidae
Tatianaerhynchites aequatus

mm 3-4. Syn. Caenorhinus aequatus, Coenorrhinus phryganophilus,...

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