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Ensifera (crickets, grasshoppers)

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Cat: Ensifera (crickets, grasshoppers)
Decticus verrucivorus

wart-biter bush-cricket, cm 3-3.5. Family: Tettigoniidae

Cat: Ensifera (crickets, grasshoppers)
Gryllomorpha dalmatina

wingless house-cricket, cm 1.5-2. Family: Gryllidae

Cat: Ensifera (crickets, grasshoppers)
Gryllus campestris

European field cricket or field cricket , young, cm 1.5-2. Family:...

Cat: Ensifera (crickets, grasshoppers)
Phaneroptera nana

cm 1,3-1,8. Family: Phaneropteridae

Cat: Ensifera (crickets, grasshoppers)
Pholidoptera griseoaptera

cm 1.5-2. Family: Tettigoniidae  

Cat: Ensifera (crickets, grasshoppers)
Platycleis albopunctata grisea

cm 1,3-1,8. Syn. Platycleis grisea, Locusta grisea, Chelidoptera...

Cat: Ensifera (crickets, grasshoppers)
Pseudophyllus hercules

giant grasshopper, cm 10.5-13.5 (lenght with wings closed). Upon...

Cat: Ensifera (crickets, grasshoppers)
Ruspolia nitidula

cm 3-3.5. Syn. Conocephalus nitidulus Family: Conocephalidae

Cat: Ensifera (crickets, grasshoppers)
Tettigonia viridissima

cm 2.5-3, female. Brown and green colours. Family: Tettigoniidae

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