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Featured Products - Sharks

Cat: shark teeth pendants necklaces
87,00 57,00

collection of 10 different shark teeth, current and fossil, all...

Cat: shark teeth pendants necklaces
lot necklace shark teeth 3 pcs

3 (three) necklaces with mixed teeth of Mako shark ( Isurus...

Cat: shark jaws and crests
Carcharhinus leucas (3) bull shark's jaws

bull shark jaws, extralarge, cm 46 x 37. Some teeth, due to predation...

Cat: stuffed sharks
Carcharhinus plumbeus (2) stuffed shark

stuffed Sandbar shark. Measure: diagonal cm 59, real lenght about cm...

Cat: fossil teeth
Carcharocles angustidens - tooth

prehistoric fossil shark tooth, diagonal 4.7 cm, height cm 4.5. Only...

Cat: fossil teeth
Carcharodon megalodon (1) - tooth

fossil tooth of giant shark, diagonal cm 11.7, height cm 11, width...

Cat: fossil teeth
Galeocerdo contortus (3) - tooth

fossil tiger shark tooth, base cm , diagonal cm 2.1, diagonal cm 2.3,...

Cat: shark books
Gli squali, K. Deacon, P. Last, ecc. - ed. De Agostini

Italian language. An excellent book on sharks and rays from around...

Cat: fossil teeth
lot shark fossil teeth - 12 pz

lot 12 mixed fossil teeth of sharks, 12-23 mm. Species not...

Cat: spines and vertebrae
Onchopristis numidus (1) - rostral tooth

cm 3-3.8, placoid scale (rostral tooth) of shark (ancestor of...

Cat: fossil teeth
Otodus obliquus (4) - tooth

fossil shark tooth, 43 gr, lenght cm 6.7, height cm 6.3, an extinct...

Cat: fossil teeth
Otodus obliquus - pendant (3)

fossil shark tooth pendant with black string. Diagonal greater tooth...

Cat: shark jaws and crests
Rhina ancylostoma (2) ocular crest

cm 19.5, cartilaginous head's crest of deep shark ray (bowmouth...

Cat: shark books
35,00 21,60

Italian language. In the collective imagination, the shark is, by...

Cat: stuffed sharks
125,00 105,00

stuffed Sandbar shark  ( Carcharhinus plumbeus ) with book on...

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