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Featured Products - Sharks

Cat: stuffed shark and fish
Scyliorhinus canicula (1) - stuffed shark

stuffed small spotted catfish, cm 48 (diagonal cm 36), only a piece,...

Cat: spines and vertebrae
Chondroichthyes sp. (4) - Vertebra Shark Fossil

3.1 gr - mm 20 x 18 x 10, fossil shark's vertebra, only a piece,...

Cat: fossil teeth
Galeocerdo contortus (3) - tooth

fossil tiger shark tooth, 1.6 gr, diagonal cm 2.2, height cm 1.5,...

Cat: shark teeth pendants necklaces
125,90 75,00

collection of 10 different shark teeth, current and fossil, all...

Cat: shark teeth pendants necklaces
Somniosus microcephalus(1) - Greenland Shark Tooth Rare

Rare ! Greenland Shark Toth Somniosus microcephalus. Diagonal mm 11,...

Cat: shark jaws and crests
Carcharhinus obscurus (4) Extra Large cm 42 Dusky Shark Jaws

Dusky Shark Jaws Carcharhinus obscurus cm 42 x 38, extralarge size!...

Cat: shark jaws and crests
Carcharhinus leucas (3) cm 46 Giant Bull Shark's Jaws cm 46

Bull Shark Jaws Carcharhinus leucas Extra Large cm 46 x 37. Some...

Cat: fossil teeth
Carcharodon megalodon (4) Shark's Tooth Fossil cm 10.3

Fossil Tooth of Giant Shark, diagonal cm 10.3, height cm10, width...

Cat: shark jaws and crests
121,00 99,00

Copper shark jaws (Carcharhinus brachyurus) + sharks book. Jaws...

Cat: stuffed sharks
165,00 135,00

Stuffed Sandbar Shark  Carcharhinus plumbeus + Book on Sharks...

Cat: shark jaws and crests
Rhina ancylostoma (4) Shark Ray Spine

cm 22, cartilaginous head's crest of deep shark ray (bowmouth...

Cat: shark teeth pendants necklaces
Carcharodon carcharias - White Shark Tooth

white shark tooth, diagonal mm 55, height mm 33, base mm 35, only a...

Cat: stuffed sharks
Carcharhinus plumbeus - Stuffed Shark cm 78

stuffed Sandbar shark. Measure: diagonal cm 58, real lenght about cm...

Cat: fossil teeth
Otodus obliquus (4) - tooth

fossil shark tooth, 43 gr - lenght cm 6.7, height cm 6.3, an extinct...

Cat: shark teeth pendants necklaces
Galeocerdo cuvier (5) tiger shark pendant

tiger shark pendant for necklace in silver 925, 3.5 gr, diagonal mm...

Cat: shark jaws and crests
Carcharhinus brachyurus (5) Copper shark's jaws

Copper shark jaws, cm 36 x 25. Copper shark (Carcharhinus brachyurus...

Cat: fossil teeth
Rhombodus binkhorsti (7) tooth

ray shark fossil tooth, 4.1 gr - mm 20 x 15 x 13, only a piece, as in...

Cat: fossil teeth
lot teeth O. macrota 100 gr (1)

lot 100 gr (about 130 pcs) fossil shark's teeth Odontaspis...

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Cat: fossil teeth
lot shark fossil teeth - 15 pz

lot 15 mixed fossil teeth of sharks, 7.6 gr, mm 11-24. Species not...

Cat: fossil teeth
lot teeth - 10 pcs Myliobatis gigas

lot 10 fossil ray shark's mandibular plates (modified shark...

Cat: fossil teeth
lot teeth G. contortus - 4 pcs

lot 4 fossil shark's teeth Galeocerdo contortus, diagonal longer...

Cat: shark books
Gli squali, K. Deacon, P. Last, ecc. - ed. De Agostini

Italian language. An excellent book on sharks and rays from around...

Cat: shark books
42,00 25,90

Italian language. In the collective imagination, the shark is, by...

Cat: spines and vertebrae
Onchopristis numidus (1) - rostral tooth

cm 3-3.8, placoid scale (rostral tooth) of shark (ancestor of...

Cat: fossil teeth
Squalicorax pristodontus (2) - tooth (plexi)

fossil tooth of ancient shark, cm 2.8, height cm 2.6, fixed with...

Cat: fossil teeth
Carcharocles angustidens - tooth

prehistoric fossil shark tooth, diagonal 4.7 cm, height cm 4.5. Only...

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