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Discovered the oldest species of Allosaurus

It is confirmed: it is a completely new allosaurus that discovered in Utah. Here was what he looked like: just under ten meters long for almost two tons of weight, tail and long legs with sharp claws, a narrow long skull and characteristic ridges around the eyes. This was how Allosaurus jimmadseni appeared [...]
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The amazing Tiktaalik

Tiktaalik roseae is the only known species of the extinct monotypic Tiktaalik species lived in late Devonian (about 375 million years ago). Its many characteristics similar to tetrapods (four-legged animals) are an example of how in some ancient sarcopterygians lines (lobed bone fish) adaptations to [...]
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Tito, an Italian dinosaur

The remains of dinosaurs found in Italy become five: with the discovery of "Tito", we can boast the first italian sauropod dinosaur, a young Titanosauridae that lived about 112 million years ago (Cretaceous, Albian). Now the finds, although found in Lazio, because unfortunately the lack of [...]
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The first reptile walking "standing"

This reptile, recently announced to the world, although it was discovered in 2003 (also paleontologists, like fossils, have geological time, apparently), whose scientific name is Bunostegos akokanensis, is perhaps the first of its kind in able to move like the great modern mammals or dinosaurs of later [...]
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Snowball Earth

There was a period, about 650 million years ago, or in Precambiano (Cryogeniano, Neoproterozoic), when life on Earth was still only unicellular and resided in the oceans, our planet went to meet an ice age scale planetary. In practice, the entire globe was covered for 25 million years by a mantle of [...]
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Why we sleep?

Glial cells, also called glial cells or neuroglia, are cells that, together with the neurons, form the nervous system. They function and nutritional support for neurons, ensure the insulation of nerve tissue and protection from foreign bodies in the event of injury. For over a century, it was believed [...]
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Silent rattlesnakes

It may perhaps be terrifying to hear the sound of the rattle of a rattlesnake, but this noise will probably save your life. Now, however, hikers in the Black Hills of South Dakota should keep their eyes open because rattlesnakes apparently did not make the most noise. To hear their reports, these snakes [...]
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The elusive tachyon

Tachyon (from the greek ταχύς, tachýs, "fast") is a hypothetical particle having imaginary mass and faster than the speed of light. The first theoretical -conceptual description is attributed to Arnold Sommerfeld, while attempts at interpretation within the relativity [...]
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nothing noble in monogamy

Of course, we do not like to admit it, despite the evidence, but 7 billion more or less sentient monkeys around the globe not go unnoticed. At that, a question arises: apart from the penguins notoriously known, what other kind of animal shares the entire span of life with only one partner, without the [...]
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The Therizinosaur

Therizinosaurus cheloniformis, whose name means "reptile sickle", was a large bipedal dinosaur of the Late Cretaceous (74 million years ago), characterized by three claws (the largest of all dinosaurs known) on each limb. In 1948, during an expedition to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, scientists [...]
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