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Mammalia (mammiferous)

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Diadem roundleaf Bat Skull (Hypposideos diadema) , with a Book on...

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Callosciurus notatus - Squirrel Skull

Squirrel Skull Callosciurus notatus complete of mandible, cm 4-5....

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Chinchilla chinchilla - Skull cm 5,9

Chinchilla skull Chinchilla Chinchilla complete of mandible, cm 5.9...

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Cynopterus sphinx - Bat Skull

Bat Skull Cynopterus sphinx, complete of mandible, cm 3.6-3.8, like...

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Hipposideros bicolor - Bat Skull

Bat Skull Hipposideros bicolor complete of mandible, cm 2.3-2.6, as...

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Hipposideros diadema - Bat Skull

Diadem roundleaf Bat Skull Hipposideros diadema complete of mandible,...

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Miniopterus medius bat skull

Miniopterus medius cm 1.3-1.6 Skull complete of mandible, as in...

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Otomops formosus - Bat Skull

Bat Skull Otomops formosus complete of mandible, cm 1.6-1.8, as in...

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Rattus norvegicus - Rat Skull cm 3,9

Brown Rat Skull Rattus norvegicus complete of mandible, cm 3.9, as in...

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Rattus rattus (rat) - skull

Black rat skull, complete of mandible, cm 3.3, as in pictures. Known...

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Rousettus leschenaulti - Bat Skull

Bat Skull Rousettus leschenaulti complete of mandible, cm 3.7-4....

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Sciurus niger - Squirrel Fox Skull cm 6,2

Fox Squirrel Skull Sciurus niger complete of mandible, cm 6.2, as in...

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Talpa europaea (1) - Mole Skull cm 3,5

European Mole Skull Talpa europaea, complete of mandibile, cm 3.5 as...

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Talpa europaea (3) - Mole Skull cm 3,5

European Mole Skull Talpa europaea, complete of mandibile, cm 3.5, as...

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
Tupaia javanica - Horsfield's treeshrew Skull

Horsfield's Treeshrew or Javan scandentia skull Tupaia javanica,...

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