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Skulls, hornes, trophies, dried animals and stuffed birds: your collection will not fail to originality!
If you look for products or tools for taxidermy and entomology, you find them
in the Equipment catalog.

Cat: gift ideas
72,20 63,00

Leaf Nosed Bat (Hypposideos larvatus) , dried spread as in pictures,...

Cat: gift ideas
50,70 43,00

Diadem roundleaf Bat Skull (Hypposideos diadema) , with a Book on...

Cat: gift ideas
52,70 45,00

Leaf Nosed Bat (Hypposideos larvatus) , hanging from a branch, closed...

Cat: geese and ducks
222,00 199,00

Stuffed Bird Duck Anas querquedula. Common name: Garganey

Cat: geese and ducks
Aythya fuligula (3) Tufted Duck

Stuffed Bird Duck Aythya fuligula. Comon name: Tufted Duck

Cat: gift ideas books
Buffalo Tooth Necklace Syncerus caffer

Necklace incisive Tooth Pendant of Buffalo Syncer caffer, mm 45-55,...

Cat: gift ideas books
Camel Canine Tooth Necklace (1) Camelus bactrianus

Necklace canine Tooth Pendant of Camel Bactrianus, cm 7.4 with black...

Cat: gift ideas books
Camel Canine Tooth Necklace (2) Camelus bactrianus

Necklace canine Tooth Pendant of Camel Bactrianus, cm 7.2 with black...

Cat: Reptilia (reptiles)
Crocodylus siamensis (5) Crocodile Skull cm 32

Siamense Crocodile Skull Crocodylus siamensis, complete of mandible,...

Cat: trophies
Dama dama (3)- Deer Trophy with Horns

Deer Trophy Dama dama only Skull with Horns, without wooden Shield....

Cat: skeletons
Duttaphrynus melanostictus (4)- Toad Skeleton cm 10,2

Complete Skeleton of Common Asian Toad Duttaphrynus melanostictus cm...

Cat: pheasants and partridges
192,00 172,00

Stuffed Bird Perdix perdix. Common name: Grey Patridge

Cat: loons and grebes
201,60 178,00

Stuffed Bird Common name: Great Crested Grebe - Podiceps...

Cat: shorebirds and seabirds
252,00 221,00

Uccello Imbalsamato Scolopax rusticola. Common name: Eurasian

Cat: turtledoves
Streptopelia turtur - Turtle-Dove Stuffed in Nest

Stuffed Bird European Turtle-Dove Streptopelia turtur in rebulded...

Cat: trophies
Sus scrofa (4) - Wild Boar Trophy Tusk

Tusks Wild Boar Trophy Sus scrofa. Diameter wooden shield cm 15,...

Cat: sparrows and crows
Turdus merula (6) - Blackbird Stuffed Bird

Stuffed Bird Eurasian Blackbird Turdus merula

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