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all you need for your collections!Boxes and pedestals of all types for storing and enhance your purchases, frames and tools useful for your collections, table and field instruments, chemicals, books and scientific texts and a few useful useful accessories for breeding for your pets.

Cat: laboratory products
Acetone 50 ml Preservative Dehydrating Entomology Taxidermy Preparation Insect Vertebrate Invertebrate

Pure Acetone 99% Propanone Ketone Preservative and Dehydrator for...

Cat: entomological equipment
Anti-Moth Exhalator Entomological Boxes Butterflies Coleopters Insects Collecting

Mothproof Exhaler Cylinder for Entomological Display Box Frame...

Cat: moth killer, pesticides, insecticides, poisons
Beechwood Creosote Preservative Mothproof Pesticide Tarmicide Insecticide Antiparasitic Poison Entomology Tassidermy Collecting

Beechwood Creosote Natural Preservative Mothproof Pesticide...

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Cat: zoology
Book Birdwatching Volume Birds Flying Animals Nature Ornithology Zoology Ethology Ecology Behavior Life Aves

Book "Birdwatching" Volume on Birds Flying Animals Cities...

Cat: botany
Book Funghi Volume Toxic Edible Forest Mushrooms Recognize Collect Spores Fungi

Book "Funghi" (Mushrooms) Volume on Toxic Edible Forest...

Cat: zoology
Book Guida Pesci Acquario Volume Marine Freshwater Fishes Aquarium Hobby Breeding Tank Bowl Feed Fishing

Book "Guida per Riconoscere i Pesci d'Acquario" (Guide...

Cat: embalming and tanning
Borax Sodium Borate 500 gr Embalm Taxidermy Preparations Vertebrate Antiseptic Disinfectant

Borax Sodium Borate 500 gr Powdered Salt for Embalming Taxidermic...

Cat: embalming and tanning
51,80 38,50

Borax Sodium Borate 1000 gr Powdered Salt for Embalming Taxidermic...

Cat: entomological equipment
Butterflies Lepidopters Envelopes 9 Pieces Entomology Filately Collecting

Lot 9 small rectangular Bags for Butterflies in Parchment Silver cm...

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