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Brachycera (flies)

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Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Actina chalybea Insect Soldier Fly Dipterus Brachycera Stratiomid

Actina chalybea mm 8-10 Insect Soldier Fly Dipterus Brachycera...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Asilus crabroniformis

cm 2.5-3. Family: Asilidae

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Bibio marci

mm 8-11. Family: Bibionidae

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Bombylius major

cm 1-1.5. Family: Bombyliidae

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Calliphora vomitoria

Blue Bottle Fly, cm 1-1.5, wingspan cm 1.5-2.5. Family: Calliphoridae

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Ectophasia oblonga

mm 5-9, wing span mm 7-8. Family: Tachinidae

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Eristalis tenax

cm 1.5-2, wingspan cm 1.5. Family: Syrphidae Known as the drone fly...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Exoprosopa sp.

cm 1.2, wing span cm 2.5. Family: Bombyliidae  

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Helophilus trivittatus

cm 1.2-1.8, apertura alare cm 1-1.2. Family: Syrphidae  

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Hemipenthes morio

mm 7-10, wingspan mm 5-15. Family: Bombyliidae Hemipenthes morio is a...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Hermetia illucens

mm 15-20. Family: Stratiomyidae Hermetia illucens (Linnaeus, 1758) is...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Machimus setibarbis

Insect Robber Fly cm 2-3. Family: Asiliidae Syn. Machimus setiventris...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Milesia crabroniformis

cm 2-2.5, rare specie. Family: Syrphidae Milesia crabroniformis is a...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
5,60 3,90

cm 1.9. Family: Asilidae

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Philipomyia aprica

cm 2-2.5. Family: Tabanidae Philipomyia aprica is a species of...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Sarcophaga carnaria

Carnivorous Fly mm 8-12. Family: Sarcophagidae The carnivorous fly...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Scaeva pyrastri

cm 1.2-1.4. Family: Syrphidae Classic example of "Batesian...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Sphaerophoria scripta

mm 8-11, wing span cm 1-1.5. Family: Syrphidae Classic example of...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Tabanus autumnalis

cm 1.6-2.2, wingspan cm 1.3-1.6. Family: Tabanidae Known as the large...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Tabanus bovinus

cm 2-2.5. Family: Tabanidae The horsefly (Tabanus bovinus, Linnaeus...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Volucella zonaria

cm 1.7-2. Family: Syrphidae Classic example of "Batesian...

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