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Caelifera (locusts)

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Cat: Caelifera (locusts)
Anacridium aegyptium

cm 7-7.5. Family: Acrididae  

Cat: Caelifera (locusts)
Oedipoda caerulescens

cm 2-2.5, wing span cm 4-4.5. Family: Acrididae

Cat: Caelifera (locusts)
Pternoscirta caliginosa

cm 2.3-3, wing span cm 3-8-4.8. Family: Acrididae  

Cat: Caelifera (locusts)
Titanacris albipes

Giant Grasshopper with spectacular violet wings, wing span about 10...

Cat: Caelifera (locusts)
Tropidacris dux

giant grasshopper with spectacular red wings, body (wings included)...

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