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This space has been dedicated to your little friends and to your collections that you want to show to all the passengers of the Ark. Don't forget to write also a short comment to present us in your way the photos that you want to see below published. We pray you don't insert any commercial or advertising texts because they'll not be published.
In our judgement, at the end of the year, we'll select the best photo among those you've sent us; the prize-winner will be entitled to a 10% discount on the first purchase made with "L'Arca di Noè".
Please send ony a photo, thank you.

The win of the first group of photo in the 2004 is Alma with its snake Giulietta!
The win of 2005 is Cristiano with its mouse Fritty!
The win of 2006 is Loredana with its cat Micio!
In the 2007 you didnt send any photos... we are sad!
The win of 2008 is Roberto with its cat Felix!
The win of 2009 is Michela with its rabbit Batù!
The win of 2010 is Fabio with its cats!
The win of 2011 is Sabrina with is mimetic Pogona vitticeps!
In 2012 you have sent us only one photo and then we don't have winners ... we are very sorry!
The win of 2013 is Davide with is naturalistic collection!
In the 2014 you didnt send any photos... we are sad!
The winner of 2015 is Annalisa with its arctic tern! Very beautiful the pictures puffin and gulls in the nest, which unfortunately we could not publish.
The winner of 2016 is Roberto with its  sweet Marylin, which unfortunately we have learned not to be with him since November 2017 ...
In the 2017 you didnt send any photos... we are sad!
The win of 2018 is Barbara with is Barney!

Send us your Photo!

21/05/2019 -

For fifteen years now with us. Two loving and loving brothers that we love

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14/04/2019 -

Here are the 3 family dachshunds ... as terrible as they are affectionate!

Maria Giulia
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23/03/2019 -

What a cute little wolf! :-)

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03/02/2019 -

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13/01/2019 - Poppo

My dog Poppo

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30/12/2018 -

These are my two dogs

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21/12/2018 -

Hello, I present you my cat, Bigné.

Veronica from Cervaro (FR).
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25/02/2018 -

My two pets, Diana and Micia

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07/02/2018 - Barney

My little foundling ... as old as ever, but capable of a love of love!

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05/06/2016 - Flip

My dog Flip


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