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all you need for your collections!Boxes and pedestals of all types for storing and enhance your purchases, frames and tools useful for your collections, table and field instruments, chemicals, books and scientific texts and a few useful useful accessories for breeding for your pets.

Cat: books stock
29,40 22,00

three naturalistic books (published by Edicart and Mondadori) of...

Cat: books stock
42,00 32,50

three naturalistic books (published by Mondadori) of scientific...

Cat: books stock
69,50 57,50

five naturalistic books (published by Mondadori and Vallardi) of...

Cat: zoology
20,80 11,00

italian language, colour photos, bound, wonderful outline of the...

Cat: botany
5,20 3,00

italian language, colour photos, the history and peculiarities of...

Cat: zoology
Conchiglie, A. Fulvo, R. Nistri - ed. Mondadori

Italian language. All the secrets of these fascinating marine...

Cat: zoology
Conchiglie, G. Gabbi - ed. Le Guide White Star

Italian language. Exchanged as coins, collected like precious stones,...

Cat: mineralogy
Cristalloterapia, Manuela Caldirola - ed. Sonzogno

B/W, italian language, with numerous tables and illustrations,...

Cat: paleontology
36,00 29,00

colors, italian language, certainly one of the most comprehensive and...

Cat: zoology
Farfalle e falene, David Carter - ed. Dorling Kindersley Handbooks

Italian language. A naturalistic guide to 500 species of butterflies...

Cat: botany
5,20 3,00

italian language, colour photos, wide digression of varied...

Cat: botany
Funghi - ed. Mondadori

Italian language, 500 color illustrations, a comprehensive...

Cat: zoology
7,50 4,90

Italian language. Volume of the collection "Iperlibri",...

Cat: shark books
Gli squali, K. Deacon, P. Last, ecc. - ed. De Agostini

Italian language. An excellent book on sharks and rays from around...

Cat: zoology
9,50 8,00

Italian language. A pocket guide to over 300 saltwater and freshwater...

Cat: zoology
Guida per riconoscere le farfalle, Paul Whalley - ed. A. Vallardi

Italian language, colour photos, bound. A guide to butterflies...

Cat: zoology
I ragni giganti, S. Caratozzolo - ed. De Vecchi

Italian language. Aimed at enthusiasts and the curious, but also for...

Cat: zoology
9,00 6,50

Italian language, coloured minibook, with many notes on insects and...

Cat: zoology
Insetti, ragni e altri artropodi terrestri, George C.McGavin - ed. Dorling Kindersley Handbooks

Italian language. A naturalistic guide to 300 species of arthropods...

Cat: zoology
Invertebrati - atlante fotografico degli animali - F. Tosco, N. Montanari, etc. - ed. De Agostini

Color, bound, italian language. An image journey to discover...

Cat: mineralogy
Le meteoriti, P. Bianucci - ed. DeAgostini

Italian language. Useful guide to understand from where these bodies,...

Cat: zoology
Mammiferi, Helga Hofmann - ed. Mondadori

Italian language. A practical and full guide of features, habits and...

Cat: shark books
35,00 21,60

Italian language. In the collective imagination, the shark is, by...

Cat: shark books
23,10 18,00

italian language, b/w & colour, bound, nature and habits of...

Cat: zoology
Uccelli acquatici e marini d'Italia e d'Europa, Walther Thiede - ed. Gremese

italian language, 131 colour photos, guide on species of litoral and...

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