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Cat: tumbled weight
ryolite - 50 gr

50 gr, about 3-5 pieces. Each stone: 7-15 gr - cm 1.5-2.5

Cat: Aves (birds)
1 collection 10 feathers

lot of 10 (ten) different types of bird feathers, all determined,...

Cat: gift packages
31,30 23,00

Collection 3 exotic tropical animals incisor teeth, all determined,...

Cat: gift ideas
46,90 43,00

collection of 12 fossils selected, with book. Right to begin a...

Cat: lots kits and packaging
1 Kit chakra stones with pendant

Pocket kit with representative 7-point chakra stones, including their...

Cat: gift ideas
1 kit dinosaurs

kit for kids about the world of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period,...

Cat: mineralogical kits
64,00 47,00

Educational Kit on the interesting world of meteorites. The kit...

Cat: gift packages
87,00 57,00

collection of 10 different shark teeth, current and fossil, all...

Cat: gift ideas
75,00 54,00

collection of 30 shells of different species, representative of the...

Cat: gift ideas
64,50 39,00

collection of 20 shells of different species, representative of the...

Cat: ornaments and gadgets
1 lot 5 magnetic stones (1)

5 tumbled magnetized stone with powerful magnet. The lot includes the...

Cat: insect keyholders
40,00 30,00

lot of ten (10) assorted keyholders, various shapes, singly packed up...

Cat: Chondroichthyes (sharks and rays)
1 lot necklace shark teeth 3 pcs

3 (three) necklaces with mixed teeth of Mako shark ( Isurus...

Cat: gift ideas
1 wicker basket mixed shells (4)

wicker basket (diameter 20-22 cm) with shells, mixed specimens. Sizes...

Cat: books stock
69,50 57,50

five naturalistic books (published by Mondadori and Vallardi) of...

Cat: raw stones
abalone - 8 pcs

stock 8 fragments (12 gr - about 1.7-3.5 cm) of natural shell nacre

Cat: keychain
agate coffin keyholders (3)

small coffin of agate with little chain for keys, 27 gr, cm 4.5 x 2 x...

Cat: pyramids
agate pyramid (2)

41.3 gr, base cm 3.6, height cm 2.7

Cat: stuffed caterpillars
Agrius convolvuli (2) - caterpillar

larva (stuffed caterpillar) of Convolvulus Hawk-moth, cm 9, only a...

Cat: ornaments and gadgets
43,00 35,00

alabaster ashtray cm 8.3 x 8.3 x 2, included with an alabaster egg cm...

Cat: zoology
20,80 11,00

italian language, colour photos, bound, wonderful outline of the...

Cat: deodorants and hemostatic salts
alum crystal

beveled crystal of potassium alum, 160-180 gr - 16-17 cm x 5-6 x...

Cat: fossil amber
amber with insect (2) - pendant

Amber (fossil resin) with insect included. You can adder the...

Cat: druzes
amethyst - druse (6)

amethyst druse,  388 gr - cm 8.1 x 5.8 x 5.7 h

Cat: spheres and eggs (ovos)
amethyst sphere (3)

38.3 gr, diameter 30 mm ( for support see Equipment Catalog )

Cat: one points crystals
ametista punta lapidata (8)

100 gr, cm 4.7 x 5.2 x 4, a polished surface, cut for standing,...

Cat: geese and ducks
347,00 220,00

Common name: Mallard male and female (coupling pair).

Cat: other gastropods
27,00 22,00

mm 60.6, only a piece, as in pictures. Family: Olividae

Cat: ornitopods ceratopsian etc.
Ankylosaurus magniventris (2) - scute

real fossil dinosaur scute body armor section, 29.7 gr - mm 52 x 43 x...

Cat: raw stones
Apache teardrops (2)

5-9 gr - cm 1.5-2. Obsidian is lava solidified, glassy-looking and...

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