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Scarabaeidae (scarabs)

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Cat: Dynastinae
Allomyrina dichotomus septentrionalis (2)

A- quality, cm 7-7.5

Cat: Cetoniinae
Amaurodes passerinii linnei

cm 2.8-3.2

Cat: Melolonthinae
Amphimallon assimile

cm 1.3-1.5

Cat: Melolonthinae
Amphimallon burmeisteri

cm 1.2-1.4

Cat: Melolonthinae
Amphimallon ochraceum

cm 1.5-2

Cat: Melolonthinae
Amphimallon solstitiale

cm 1.4-1.6. Syn: Rhizotrogus solstitialis

Cat: Rutelinae
Anomala vitis

cm 1.2-1.6

Cat: Geotrupinae
Anoplotrupes stercorosus

cm 1.5-1.8

Cat: Scarabaeinae
Aphodius fossor

Aphodius (Teuchestes) fossor, mm 9-11

Cat: Scarabaeinae
Aphodius rufipes

mm 10

Cat: Cetoniinae
Cetonia aurata pisana

cm 1.7-1.9. Available, only by request, in the...

Cat: Cetoniinae
2,40 1,60

cm 1.7, quality A2 (the ends of the first pair of legs are missing)

Cat: Cetoniinae
Cetonia carthami

cm 1.5-1.7

Cat: Cetoniinae
Cetoniinae sp.

mm 8-20

Cat: Cetoniinae
Cetonischema aureuginosa (1)

cm 2.6-2.8

Cat: Cetoniinae
7,50 3,90

A1-/A2 quality (specimens have imperfections or various damage), cm...

Cat: Dynastinae
Chalcosoma atlas atlas

cm 7-7.5. Also available other species of the genus Chalcosoma,...

Cat: Dynastinae
Chalcosoma atlas keyboh (1)

cm 5-5.5. Also available other species of the genus Chalcosoma,...

Cat: Dynastinae
Chalcosoma atlas keyboh (2)

cm 6-6.8. Also available other species of the genus Chalcosoma,...

Cat: Dynastinae
Chalcosoma caucasus

cm 10-11, A1- quality (the distal end of one or more legs may be...

Cat: Dynastinae
Chalcosoma mollenkampi

cm 8-9. Also available other species of the genus Chalcosoma, single...

Cat: Cetoniinae
11,30 8,50

cm 2.4-2.7

Cat: Scarabaeinae
Cheironitis ungaricus irroratus

cm 1.4-2

Cat: Cetoniinae
Clerota rigifica

cm 3.5-3.8

Cat: Cetoniinae
Conradtia principalis

cm 2.5-2.8

Cat: Melolonthinae
Dermolepida pica

cm 2.7-3

Cat: Cetoniinae
Dicellachilus woodi

cm 2.5-3

Cat: Cetoniinae
Dicheros bicornis decorus

cm 1.8-2.3

Cat: Cetoniinae
15,00 9,00

cm 4.5-4.7, A2 quality. Dicronorhina derbyana (Derby's flower...

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