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Specials - Sharks

Cat: shark teeth pendants necklaces
18,50 9,90

Lot 10 gr mixed Shark Teeth mm 7-15 Sharks Dogfishes Cartilaginous...

Cat: shark jaws and crests
139,00 129,00

Large Copper Shark's Jaws Carcharhinus brachyurus cm 37 x 29...

Cat: shark jaws and crests
324,00 315,00

Large Zambesi or Bull Shark's Jaws Carcharhinus leucas cm 36 x 26...

Cat: shark teeth pendants necklaces
19,00 15,00

Smalltooth Sandtiger Mackerel Shark Tooth Odontaspis ferox Dogfishes...

Cat: gift ideas books
130,90 84,00

Gift Idea ! Collection 10 different Shark Teeth Current and Fossil...

Cat: shark jaws and crests
260,00 210,00

Large Dusky Shark's Jaws Carcharhinus obscurus cm 38 x 27.5...

Cat: gift ideas books
219,50 189,50

Stuffed Sandbar Shark Carcharhinus plumbeus + Book on Sharks...

Cat: shark teeth pendants necklaces
64,90 43,20

Silver Pendant for  Necklace with Tiger Shark Tooth Galeocerdo...

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