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Cat: shark jaws and crests
139,00 129,00

Carcharhinus brachyurus cm 37 x 29 Large Copper Shark's Jaws,...

Cat: shark jaws and crests
324,00 315,00

Carcharhinus leucas cm 36 x 26 Large Zambesi or Bull Shark's...

Cat: shark teeth pendants necklaces
19,00 15,00

Smalltooth Sandtiger Shark Tooth, diagonal mm 22, height mm 19, base...

Cat: tumbled weight
84,00 69,90

Polychrome Jasper 500 gr - 45-50 pieces Tumbled Stones Worked...

Cat: tumbled weight
85,00 69,90

Yellow Jasper 500 gr - 40-45 pieces Tumbled Stones Worked Minerals...

Cat: coleopters
29,70 24,00

Only 8 Euros per Beetle ! Lot 3 Xylotrupes gideon gideon males cm...

Cat: Lucanidae
29,50 25,50

Cyclommatus dehaani cm 3-3.4 Stag Beetle Tropical Insect Coleopter....

Cat: other lots
20,30 12,50

Only 2.50 Euros per Insect ! Lot of 5 Collectible mixed Italian...

Cat: butterflies
27,50 22,50

Only 4.50 Euros per Butterfly ! Lot 5 mixed Collectible Tropical...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
7,50 6,90

Sarcophaga carnaria mm 8-12 Insect Flesh Fly Dipterus Brachycera....

Cat: collections and books
63,40 48,00

Only 4.80 Euros per Butterfly ! Collection 10 Tropical Butterflies...

Cat: Rutelinae
23,80 16,50

Plusiotis adolphi cm 3-4 Tropical Insect Coleopter Scarab Beetle...

Cat: other diurnal butterflies
8,90 7,50

Heliconius melpomene amaryllis one wing lenght cm 3-4 Tropical Insect...

Cat: Lucanidae
75,90 66,30

Hexarthrius mandibularis sumatranus cm 10 GIANT Stag Beetle Tropical...

Cat: Lucanidae
39,00 29,00

Odontolabis lacordairei cm 7.8 Stag Beetle Tropical Insect Coleopter,...

Cat: Cetoniinae
18,70 15,50

Theodosia rodriguezi cm 2.5-3 Tropical Insect Coleopter Beetle...

Cat: Zygoptera
10,80 9,50

Neurobasis kaupi Tropical Dragonfly spread cm 6-6.5, wing span cm...

Cat: other imenopters
49,90 45,50

Pepsis heros Giant Wasp Tarantula cm 3.5-4 wing span cm 7-8 LARGE...

Cat: Buprestidae
7,50 6,30

Catoxantha opulenta opulenta cm 4.5-5.5 Tropical Insect Coleopter...

Cat: Cetoniinae
9,90 8,50

Megaphonia adolphinae cm 3-3.5 Tropical Insect Coleopter Beetle...

Cat: Nymphalidae
5,70 4,50

Charaxes bernardus crepax one wing lenght cm 3.5-4.5 Insect Tropical...

Cat: Nymphalidae
7,50 6,60

Hypolimnas bartelotti one wing lenght cm 4-4.5 Tropical Insect...

Cat: Nymphalidae
19,70 10,50

Kallima inachus chinensis wingspan cm 4-4.5 Tropical Insect...

Cat: Lucanidae
69,00 54,00

Hexarthrius mandibularis sumatranus cm 9 Stag Beetle Tropical Insect...

Cat: Cerambycidae
19,90 15,50

Batocera hercules cm 6 Tropical Insect Coleopter Longhorn Beetle ...

Cat: lots and packages
25,80 21,00

Lot 3 Pieces Agate Small Geode cut into two halves 104.5 gr in total,...

Cat: lots and packages
43,00 36,00

Lot 3 Pieces Agate Small Geode cut into two halves 177.5 gr in total,...

Cat: Buprestidae
13,50 9,90

Buprestis novemmaculata cm 1.5-2 Insect Coleopter Jewel Beetle or...

Cat: Cerambycidae
4,50 3,90

Chlorophorus sartor infensus mm 6-7 Insect Coleopter Longhorn Beetle,...

Cat: Cerambycidae
8,40 5,70

Phymatodes testaceus violaceoniger cm 1-1.2 Insect Coleopter Longhorn...

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