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Squalus melanurus Spurdog Shark's Jaws (2) Dogfishes Cartilaginous Fishes Chondrichthyes Selachians Elasmobranchs Squalidae

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Origin : Indian Ocean Madagascar)

Size : cm 9 x 7

Black Tailed Spurdog Shark's Jaws cm 9 x 7 Squalus melanurus Dogfishes Cartilaginous Fishes Chondrichthyes Selachians Elasmobranchs Squalidae, only a piece, as in photos.

The Blacktailed Spurdog (Squalus melanurus) is a Dogfish, a member of the family Squalidae, found around New Caledonia in the central Pacific Ocean, at depths from 320 to 320 m. Its length is up to 75 cm.
The slender body is dark brown-gray without white spots; the tips of the dorsal fins are black, the dorsal margin of the caudal fin is black; there is a black spot stain on the lower caudal lobe; the pectoral, pelvic fins and the upper caudal lobe are white. The head is a great friend of the youngest. The pectoral fins have stiff points. The first dorsal fin is high and originates on the pectoral insertions, while the long and thin spine is at the origin on the inner pectoral margins.
It feeds on bony fish. Adults measure 67 - 80 cm. Its reproduction is ovoviviparous and gives birth to up to 3 individuals.

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