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Featured Products - Equipment

Cat: tools and equipments
4,50 3,80

lot 5 graduated pipettes up to 3 ml, length 14.8 cm. Unbreakable soft...

Cat: mineralogy
Cristalloterapia, Manuela Caldirola - ed. Sonzogno

B/W, italian language, with numerous tables and illustrations,...

Cat: entomological equipment
telescopic butterfly net

butterfly or fishing net with telescopic rod, minimum length 38 cm,...

Cat: single compartment boxes
plexiglas box black bottom

cm 8.3 x 6.3 x 9.6 h, transparent plexiglas, black plastic bottom...

Cat: tools and equipments
plasticine in stips - 75 cm

strips of grey play dough. Right to fix objects as fossil, shells or...

Cat: cardboard containers
4,00 3,00

stock 10 cardboards, white, folding, right to fossils, minerals,...

Cat: books stock
103,80 69,00

five naturalistic books (published by Mondadori and Vallardi) of...

Cat: zoology
10,80 7,80

Italian language, coloured minibook, with many notes on insects and...

Cat: breeding accessories
tana per terrario (2)

burrow for reptiles and other animals of small size, suitable for...

Cat: paleontology
43,20 34,80

colors, italian language, certainly one of the most comprehensive and...

Cat: zoology
42,00 25,90

Italian language. In the collective imagination, the shark is, by...

Cat: zoology
Gli squali, K. Deacon, P. Last, ecc. - ed. De Agostini

Italian language. An excellent book on sharks and rays from around...

Cat: zoology
Mammiferi, Helga Hofmann - ed. Mondadori

Italian language. A practical and full guide of features, habits and...

Cat: zoology
Conchiglie, G. Gabbi - ed. Le Guide White Star

Italian language. Exchanged as coins, collected like precious stones,...

Cat: mineralogy
Le meteoriti, P. Bianucci - ed. DeAgostini

Italian language. Useful guide to understand from where these bodies,...

Cat: zoology
Conchiglie, A. Fulvo, R. Nistri - ed. Mondadori

Italian language. All the secrets of these fascinating marine...

Cat: zoology
9,00 5,90

Italian language. Volume of the collection "Iperlibri",...

Cat: breeding accessories
7,00 5,00

Lot 10 transparent rigid cellophane boxex. Ermetic closure, for...

Cat: breeding accessories
7,00 5,00

Lot 10 transparent rigid cellophane boxex. Ermetic closure, for...

Cat: caskets and pencil boxes
10 compartment plexiglas case box (2)

Plexiglas case box with 10 partitions, transparent bos and lid, clasp...

Cat: single compartment boxes
magnifying glass-box

cubic, trasparent, lid with lens, 2X

Cat: caskets and pencil boxes
15 compartment plexiglas case box (3)

Plexiglas case bow with 15 white partitions, transparent lid, black...

Cat: entomological equipment
entomological pins n°4

black enameled, golden head, lenght mm 38, diameter mm 0.55

Cat: display boxes
81,00 63,60

Entomological box (cm 39 x 26 x 6h) in dark wood (museum model) with...

Cat: entomological equipment
exhalator bottle for display boxes

small cylinder anti-moth, for substance, with pierced cap and ferrule...

Cat: frames
wooden frame (1)

without glass, without bottom, cm 15.5 x 17 x 2 h. The frame can be...

Cat: entomological equipment
entomological pins n°6

black enameled, golden head, lenght mm 38, diameter mm 0.65

Cat: tools and equipments
flashlight with led

flashlight, 4.5V, illumination provided by 9 LED, black metal or...

Cat: pots and bottles
plastic seal pot -1250 ml

white, green plug with seal, right to contain chemical powders and...

Cat: moth killer, pesticides, insecticides, poisons
beechwood creosote - 10 ml

natural preservative (pesticide tarmicida killer) to ward off moths...

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