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Book Insetti Aracnidi CD ROM) Volume Spiders Scorpions Insects Lepidoptera Butterflies Coleoptera Hymenoptera Diptera Orthoptera Hemiptera Entomology Collection

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Size : cm 16.5 x 10.5 - pages 120

Book "Insetti e Aracnidi" (Insects and Arachnids) Volume on Spiders Scorpions Lepidoptera Butterflies Coleoptera Hymenoptera Diptera Orthoptera Hemiptera Entomology Collecting.
Italian language. Color manual, with all the main curiosities and an "identity card" on one hundred species of insects and arachnids, from cockroaches to tarantulas. Habitat, habits, prey and predators and mating.
A first introductory part illustrates the structure of these animals and their living environment. In the second part you will find information on the ways of life of insects and arachnids, on how they hunt or defend themselves from predators or find a mate. In the illustrated guide, over 100 species of insects and arachnids are presented with brief information on their behavior.
The accompanying CD-ROM, which can be used with all computers, contains more than 100 "electronic stickers", fantastic images of the insects and other animals discussed in the book. They can be used as desktop, to decorate texts and for school.

Author: Steve Setford.
Ed. Mondadori.

A really useful book for recognizing and collecting insects, with color photos and immediately understandable captions. Excellent gift to integrate with lepidopters or other insects on sale on our site, to pose and then display in your noticeboards or entomological boxes.

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