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Diodon hystrix Spot-Fin Porcupine Fish Osteichthyes Teleostei Diodontidae

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Origin : Indian Ocean (Madagascar)

Spot-Fin Porcupine Fish Diodon hystrix  cm 15-18  Osteichthyes Teleostei Diodontidae, stuffed with bristling spines, as in photo.
You can hang it by the nylon cord with wicker ring. Other Puffer Fish are also available at this link.
Family: Diodontidae.
Common name:
Hystrix Fish, Spot-fin Porcupinefish, Spotted Porcupinefish, Black-Spotted Porcupinefish or simply Porcupine Fish.

The spotted porcupinefish (Diodon hystrix) is a Pufferfish member of the Diodontidae family.
It is a medium-sized fish that grows up to 90 cm, but the average size is 40 cm. Its body is elongated with a spherical head with large round protruding eyes and a large, rarely closed mouth. The skin is smooth and compact; the scales are changed into spines. The color of the body ranges from beige to sandy yellow marbled with dark spots and dotted with numerous small black spots.
In case of danger, the porcupine fish can swell by swallowing water to discourage the potential predator with its larger volume and can raise its spines.
The porcupine fish concentrates tetrodotoxin in some parts of its body such as the liver, skin, gonads and viscera. This defensive system constitutes a further device to dissuade potential predators.
The porcupine fish is circumglobal and is found in tropical and subtropical waters. It has also been reported in the Mediterranean Sea, off southern Italy. Juveniles are pelagic until they reach about 20 cm in length. Adults prefer lagoons and coral reefs, sheltering under ledges or in caves during the day. The porcupine fish's diet is based on sea urchins, gastropods, clams and crustaceans.
This fish is solitary, except during mating periods, and has a nocturnal activity with maximum activity at dusk and dawn.

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