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We decided to close for a few days for security reasons in order to avoid contacts with customers, suppliers, couriers etc. to protect us and everyone because we believe it is time to give priority to health rather than economic reasons. We feel as soon as possible when all this has passed thanks to te commitment and sacrifice of everyone.
Every order confirmed before the closing date and undispatched because awaiting payment, will be kept in suspense until the opening date of our office.
You cannot do any new purchases in this moment, because out of order. However, you can add the products you look at on your Wish List to buy them later.
Please don’t send us orders by e-mail, thank you.
 Sorry for eventually inconveniences and...everything will be fine :-)

Specials - Taxidermy

Cat: geese and ducks
347,00 220,00

Common name: Mallard male and female (coupling pair).

Cat: geese and ducks
185,00 130,00

Common name: Garganey

Cat: geese and ducks
230,00 180,00

Common name: African Pygmy-goose

Cat: loons and grebes
168,00 140,00

Common name: Great Crested Grebe

Cat: stuffed sharks
125,00 105,00

stuffed Sandbar shark  ( Carcharhinus plumbeus ) with book on...

Cat: trophies
80,00 65,00

tusks wild boar trophy. Diameter wooden shield cm 16, external...

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