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Perdix perdix (2) Grey Partridge Birds Aves Galliformes Phasianidae

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Stuffed Grey Patridge Perdix perdix Birds Aves Galliformes Phasianidae, only a piece with pedestal, as in photo.
Family: Phasianidae.
Common name: Grey Patridge, Ray-Legged Partridge, English Partridge, Hungarian Partridge, or Hun.
Syn. Tetrao perdix.

The gray partridge (Perdix perdix, (Linnaeus 1758) is a galliform bird belonging to the Phasianidae family.
It is a polytypic species with a predominantly Eurasian distribution, although in the early twentieth century it was introduced into Canada and the northern United States for hunting purposes. In the Eurasian zone, three species of the genus Perdix are recognised, of which P. perdix is the European one, within which seven subspecies have been recognised.
In the phasianid family it can be described as medium sized. The body has a length between 29 and 33 cm, the wingspan is approximately 45–48 cm. The average weight is just over 400 g. Sexual dimorphism is related to some characteristics of the livery, although with some difficulties.
The partridge is a bird native to the cold steppes, so much so that the heat increases the mortality of chicks by up to 80%.
The partridge is a sedentary and gregarious animal, with groups of up to 30 individuals. The flight is low and fast. The singing is typical: a metallic, strident and rhythmic low note. The nest consists of a depression in the ground covered with leaves. The total number of eggs laid varies from 4 to 30, hatched mainly by the female. As regards nutrition, partridges feed mainly on seeds and shoots, but the animal component (small invertebrates) has considerable importance in the first three weeks of the chicks' life and during the reproductive phase.

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