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Aythya fuligula (1) Tufted Duck Ducks Birds Aves Anseriformes Anatidae

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Sex : M

Origin : Italy

Age : adult

Stuffed Tufted Duck male Aythya fuligula Ducks Birds Aves Anseriformes Anatidae, only a piece, with pedestal, as in photo.
Family: Anatidae (ducks).
Common name:
Eurasian Duck, Tufted Duck or Tufted Pochard.
Syn. Anas fuligula, Fuligula cristata, Fuligula fuligula, Nyroca fuligula.

The Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula, Linnaeus 1758) is an anseriform bird belonging to the Anatidae family.
It is a monotypic species as it has no subspecies. The adult male is all black except for white sides and a blue-gray beak. It has a clearly visible tuft on its head, which has given this species the English name of Tufted Duck.
The adult female is brown and easily confused with other diving ducks.
The tufted duck is a migratory bird and nests in spring throughout temperate and northern Eurasia. It winters in the milder regions of Europe and Asia. In winter, on open waters, they can form large flocks. Their nesting habitat is near swamps and lakes with plenty of vegetation to hide the nest. They are also found on coastal lagoons, sea shores and sheltered ponds. These birds feed mainly by diving, but they can also remain on the surface. They eat mollusks, aquatic insects and some plants and sometimes feed at night. Freshwater mussels are his favorite food.

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