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Callosciurus notatus Squirrel Skull Mammalia Rodentia Sciuridae

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Origin : Indonesia (East Java)

Plantain Squirrel Skull Callosciurus notatus cm 4-5 Mammalia Rodentia Sciuridae, complete of mandible.
Family: Sciuridae.
Common name: Plantain Squirrel, Oriental squirrel or Tricoloured squirrel.

Plantain Squirrel is a species of Rodent in the Sciuridae family that lives in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand in a wide range of habitats: forests, mangroves, parks, gardens and agricultural areas. The Fruit growers consider them pests.
Its body is about 20-30 cm, with a tail about the size. It has the back is brown gray and the belly color chestnut, with a white and black stripe between the two.
The genus name means beautiful squirrel.
Its diet consists mainly of leaves and fruits, but also feeds on insects and bird eggs. And 'skilled to open the twigs that contain larvae of ants to feed on them. You can eat fruit much larger than itself, such as mango, jackfruit, or coconuts. It 's very fast and agile in the trees, jumping several meters between the branches, and seldom wanders on the ground.
Squirrel albescens (squirrel Kloss) is sometimes considered a subspecies.

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