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Columba palumbus (2) Woodpigeon Skull Aves Columbiformes Columbidae

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Origin : Italy

Size : cm 5.2

Woodpigeon Skull Columba palumbus cm 5.2 Aves Columbiformes Columbidae, complete of Mandible, only a piece, as in photos.
The specimen has  some damage due to shotgun pellets.

Family: Columbidae (columbus, dove, pigeon).
Common name: Common Woodpigeon.

The wood pigeon (Columba palumbus Linnaeus, 1758) is a species of bird in the Columbidae family (Columbidae). It is the largest, most frequent and most widespread columbid species in Europe.
The wood pigeon is 40 to 42 cm long and, therefore, substantially larger than the pigeon (Columba livia). Its wingspan reaches 80 cm and can weigh up to 570 grams. The sexes look alike.
The living space of wood pigeons is forests of all types, especially edge forests, but also gardens and city parks. They are widespread in the Middle East and throughout Europe.
The flight is fast and agile, allowing the wood pigeon to change direction without hesitation and to escape suddenly if necessary. It moves in large flocks in search of food.
Wood pigeons feed on seeds, berries, apples, roots and sometimes small invertebrates. In autumn and winter they mainly eat the fruits of beech trees and the acorns of oak trees.
The nest is made only of straw and branches and is mostly built high up in the trees. They lay 1 or 2 eggs once or twice a year. The young are fed mainly with mash, commonly called pigeon milk, which the parents regurgitate from the beak. The young abandon the nest after about 3-5 weeks.
The wood pigeon is not much loved by farmers, as large flocks sometimes fall on crops causing great damage. He has adapted well to cities, so much so that he is a frequent visitor to parks, even if he is much shyer than a pigeon; its main habitat, however, remains the countryside, where it is very present. It is hunted and highly sought after for the flavor of its meat.

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