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Cat: gift packages
31,30 23,00

Collection 3 exotic tropical animals incisor teeth, all determined,...

Cat: gift packages
87,00 57,00

collection of 10 different shark teeth, current and fossil, all...

Cat: Asteroidea (starfish)
60,00 35,00

stock 100 (one hundred) natural small starfish, about cm 2-3. N.B. as...

Cat: Asteroidea (starfish)
60,00 35,00

stock 100 (one hundred) red tinted small starfish, cm 2.5-3.5. N.B....

Cat: Chondroichthyes (sharks and rays)
80,00 75,00

Knopp shark's jaws, cm 22 x 17. Nosed shark or shark Knopp...

Cat: Reptilia (reptiles)
45,00 29,50

stock 10 (ten) mixed vertebrae of prairie rattle-snake, mm 7-13 x 5-7

Cat: Reptilia (reptiles)
5,20 3,20

false package of rattlesnake eggs. Ideal for playing a joke to your...

Cat: Asteroidea (starfish)
13,00 9,80

starfish with 23 arms, diameter cm 12-15. Some specimens may have...

Cat: Chondroichthyes (sharks and rays)
9,00 7,50

Shortfin necklace with Mako shark tooth pendant, mm 15-19. Adjustable...

Cat: bats
63,50 38,10

dried spread bat, wingspan cm 20-22, body cm 7-8. Common name:...

Cat: Mammalia (mammiferous)
16,00 13,00

bushpig lower canine tooth, cm 6,5-9. The Potamocero is a Suidae...

Cat: Echinoidea (sea-urchins)
9,00 3,00

green sea-urchins, two pieces, broken, as in pictures, cm 5.3-5.5

Cat: stuffed fish
125,00 105,00

stuffed Sandbar shark  ( Carcharhinus plumbeus ) with book on...

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