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L'Arca di Noè will be closed from 3 September for 2 weeks.
Every order confirmed before the closing date and undispatched because awaiting payment, will be kept in suspense until the opening date of our office. You cannot do any new purchases in this moment, because out of order. Please don’t send us them by e-mail, thank you.
 Sorry for eventually inconveniences.

Specials - arachnids

Cat: spiders and tarantula
6,50 3,50

mm 30-40, spiny abdomen included, A2 quality (specimens can have some...

Cat: spiders and tarantula
4,80 2,50

mm 5-7. Common name: Hasselt's spiny spider. Family: Araneidae...

Cat: spiders and tarantula
4,80 2,40

mm 6-9, dark morph. Common name: Asian spiny-backed spider. Family:...

Cat: spiders and tarantula
4,80 3,50

mm 8-12. Common name: The Long-winged kite spider. Family: Araneidae...

Cat: scorpions
5,00 2,50

Java black scorpion, cm 3-4. Available also in different sizes and in...

Cat: scorpions
12,00 7,00

black scorpion of Thailand, cm 11-13. Also available in lots of 10...

Cat: other lots
40,00 29,00

10 golden scorpions (Buthus martensi) of Giava, cm 3.5-5. Also...

Cat: other lots
50,00 18,00

10 Java black scorpions (Heterometrus cyaneus), cm 3-4. Available...

Cat: other lots
120,00 55,00

10 black scorpions (Heterometrus laoticus) of Thailand, cm 11-13....

Cat: spiders and tarantula
8,20 7,00

body cm 3-5, leg span cm 5-20. Family: Araneidae, subfamily:...

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