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Lot mixed Seashells 500 gr Packaging Seashells Bivalves Gastropods Snails Marine Shells

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Origin : Pacific Ocean

Size : 200-300 pz - mm 5-30

Less than 7 Cents per Shell ! Package 500 gr Mixed Tropical Seashells Gastropods and  Bivalves, about 200-300 pieces, mm 5-30.
The shells are not of first choice and there may be duplicates, but this lot, at a really cheap price, is ideal for starting a collection, training to identify the shells, perhaps with the help of a good book, making a gift to a child to give birth to a passion, decorate your home, etc.
The size of the pieces, their exact number in the bag and species contained are variable parameters and therefore not quantifiable. Due to the multiple packaging and the weight of the same, the photo is purely for information.
The lot may occasionally contain pieces that are not intact.

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