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Cat: gift ideas
75,00 54,00

collection of 30 shells of different species, representative of the...

Cat: gift ideas
64,50 39,00

collection of 20 shells of different species, representative of the...

Cat: gift ideas
1 wicker basket mixed shells (4)

wicker basket (diameter 20-22 cm) with shells, mixed specimens. Sizes...

Cat: other gastropods
27,00 22,00

mm 60.6, only a piece, as in pictures. Family: Olividae

Cat: Pectinidae (scallops)
Argopecten irradians irradians

both valves, mm 40-50. Trawled in about 15 mt. depth on sand and mud...

Cat: Pulmonata (snails)
Asperitas b. c. viridis

Asperitas bimaensis cochlostyloides, mm 31, viridis form, only a...

Cat: other gastropods
Astraea (Lithopoma) undosa

mm 70-85, silver nacre polished. Family: Trochidae  

Cat: other gastropods
Babelomurex lischkeanus

mm 38, con opercolo, only a piece, as in pictures. Family:...

Cat: other gastropods
Cellana testudinaria

mm 60-70, turtle pearl limpet. Family: Nacellidae Syn. Patella...

Cat: other gastropods
Cittarium pica

mm 45-65. Family: Trochidae Syn. Cittarium picoides

Cat: other gastropods
15,00 12,00

mm 69, only a piece, as in pictures. Family: Colubrariidae Syn. Murex...

Cat: zoology
Conchiglie, A. Fulvo, R. Nistri - ed. Mondadori

Italian language. All the secrets of these fascinating marine...

Cat: zoology
Conchiglie, G. Gabbi - ed. Le Guide White Star

Italian language. Exchanged as coins, collected like precious stones,...

Cat: Conidae
Conus amadis f. castaneofasciatus

mm 60-65

Cat: Conidae
3,00 2,50

mm 50-60. Syn. Conus ferrugineus, Conus capitaneus virgineus (f)...

Cat: Conidae
Conus flavidus

mm 30-50

Cat: Conidae
Conus magus

mm 40-60, syn. Conus raphanus Specimen with a pattern very variable,...

Cat: Conidae
4,50 3,50

mm 50-65. Syn. Phasmoconus radiatus, Conus tereslaevis, Kermasprella...

Cat: Conidae
Conus tribblei (1)

mm 57, only a piece, as in pictures Syn. Rhizoconus suluensis,...

Cat: Conidae
Conus varius

mm 30-38

Cat: other bivalves (spiny oysters etc.)
5,50 4,50

mm 75-80, both valves. Family: Cucullaeidae  

Cat: Cypraeidae
Cypraea caputserpentis

mm 20-35. Also available in lots, at this link

Cat: Cypraeidae
Cypraea cervinetta

mm 45-55. Syn. Macrocypraea (Lorenzicypraea) cervinetta  

Cat: Cypraeidae
Cypraea dayritiana

mm 16-18. Syn. Eclogavena dayritiana

Cat: Cypraeidae
2,00 1,50

mm 20-30

Cat: Cypraeidae
Cypraea labrolineata

mm 15-18

Cat: Cypraeidae
Cypraea lutea

mm 10-15

Cat: Cypraeidae
Cypraea pyriformis

mm 25-30

Cat: Cypraeidae
7,30 5,90

mm 24-28

Cat: Cypraeidae
Cypraea stercoraria s. rattus f. nana

mm 50, only a piece as in pictures. Syn. Cypraea stercoraria rattus,...

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