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Lot Engina alveolata 10 Pcs Seashell Gastropoda Sea Snail Whelk Neptune

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Origin : Philippines (Mindanao Is.)

Only 0.55 Euros per Shell ! Lot 10 Engina alveolata mm 10-15 Seashell Gastropoda Sea Snail Whelk Neptune.
Collected by local fishermen in swallow water.
Family: Pisaniidae.
Common name: Handsome Engina.
Syn. Ricinula histrio, Engina histrio,  Purpura alveolata, Engina reevei, Engina trifasciata, Purpura alveolata, Ricinula forticostata, Ricinula histrio, Ricinula trifasciata.

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