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Lot Cypraea moneta 10 Pcs Seashell Gastropoda Sea Snail Cowry

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Origin : East Africa, Hawaii

Only 1.50 Euros for Shell ! Lot 10 Cypraea moneta mm 15-20 Seashell Gastropoda Sea Snail Cowry.
Also available as singles, at this link
Family: Cypraeidae.
Common name: The Money Cowry. This species is so called because the shells were historically widely used in many Pacific and Indian Ocean countries as shell money before coinage was in common usage.

Syn. Monetaria moneta, Erosaria moneta, Cypraea annulifera, Cypraea barthelemyi, Cypraea circumvallata, Cypraea gibbosa, Cypraea mercatorium, Cypraea numisma, Cypraea marginata, Erosaria monetoides, Monetaria britannica, Monetaria bulgarica, Monetaria chionella, Monetaria ethnographica, Monetaria etolu, Monetaria harrisi, Monetaria icterina, Monetaria isomeres, Monetaria mercatorium, Monetaria pleuronectes, Monetaria plumaria,  Monetaria pseudomoneta, Monetaria rhomboides, Monetaria vestimenti.

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