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Lot Cerithium lividulum 10 Pcs Seashell Sea Snail Gastropod Cerithiid Cerith

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Origin : Mediterranean Sea (Tyrrhenian)

Only 0.55 Euros per Shell ! Lot 10 Cerithium lividulum mm 20-40 Seashell Sea Snail Gastropod Cerithiid Cerith, quality A1- / A2 (beached specimens that may have damage such as holes cuttlefish or broken tips).
The lot may contain specimens of similar species, such as C. vulgatum, C. renovatum, C. protractum, etc.
Family: Cerithiidae.
Syn. Cerithium massiliense, Cerithium mediterraneum, Cerithium palustre, Cerithium picctum, Cerithium requieni, Cerithium rupestre, Cerithium strumaticum, Cerithium syriacum, Cerithium tingitanum, Hirtocerithium fartulum, Lithocerithium bellicosum.

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