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Oliva miniacea Seashell Sea Snail Gastropoda Olive Shell Oval Snail

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Origin : Japan, Thailand, Philippines

Oliva miniacea mm 70-80 Seashell Sea Snail Gastropoda Olive Shell Oval Snail.
Family: Olividae.
Common name: The Pacific Common Olive.
Syn. Cylinder erythrostoma, Miniaceoliva miniacea, Oliva aurantiaca, Oliva azemula, Oliva erythrostoma, Oliva magnifica, Oliva masaris, Oliva messaris, Oliva miniata, Oliva porphyracea, Oliva porphyritica, Oliva sericea, Oliva sylvia, Oliva titea, Oliva zeilanica, Porphyria miniacea, Porphyria miniata.

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