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Pila ampullacea Land Snail Freshwater Shell Tropical Air-Breathing Pulmonate Gastropoda

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Origin : Sri Lanka

Pila ampullacea mm 45-50 Land Apple Snail Freshwater Shell Tropical Air-Breathing Pulmonate Gastropoda.
Family:  Ampullariidae.
Common name: Apple Snail or South Asian Applesnail

Syn. Ampullaria ampullacea, Ampullaria celebensis, Ampullaria dalyi, Ampullaria fasciata, Ampullaria gruneri, Ampullaria magnifica, Ampullaria sumatrensis, Ampullaria turbinis, Helix ampullacea, Pachylabra ampullacea, Pachylabra turbinis,  Pomacea orbata

Pila ampullacea is a species of freshwater snail with operculum, an aquatic gastropod pulmonate mollusc of the family Ampullariidae, known with the vulgar name of "apple snails". Pila ampullacea, together with Pila pesmei, are native species of rice field snails, traditionally consumed in Thailand now supplanted by a more invasive species.

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