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Achatina fulica Land Snail Shell Terrestrial Tropical Air-Breathing Air-Breathing Pulmonate Gastropoda

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Origin : Philippines (Bugsuk, Maniappan)

Achatina fulica mm 80-100 Land Snail Shell Terrestrial Tropical Air-Breathing Pulmonate Gastropoda.
Family: Achatinidae.
Common name:  Giant African Land Snail.
Syn. Lissachatina fulica.

Originally from East Africa (especially Kenya and Tanzania) but later spread to much of the world. It has been included in the list of one hundred very harmful invasive species.
In case of rupture of the shell, if the internal organs are not damaged, it is able to regenerate it: the salivary glands will secrete a sticky and elastic substance that will be replaced over time by a real layer.
During the Second World War a number of Achatina fulica were introduced for food purposes in the southern Pacific islands; however, the dispersion of some specimens, favored by their extremity, caused their uncontrolled proliferation.
In an attempt to biologically contain this species, the carnivorous wolf species Euglandina rosea, better known as snail, was subsequently introduced to the islands with catastrophic consequences. The wolf snail, in fact, has preyed on the endemic species belonging to the genus Partula, leading many to extinction.

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