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Onchopristis numidus (2) Fossil Tooth Rostrum Sawfish Shark Dogfishes Cartilaginous Fishes Chondrichthyes Selachians Elasmobranchs Pristidae

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Origin : Morocco (Khouribga)

Geological era : Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian)

Age : 95 million of years

Size : 41 x 16 x 8

Onchopristis numidus cm 4.1  Fossil Tooth Rostrum of Sawfish Shark Dogfishes Cartilaginous Fishes Chondrichthyes Selachians Elasmobranchs Sclerorhynchidae, only a piece, as in photos.
Measures: 4 gr - 41 x 16 x 8 mm.

Fairly rare Fossil find of Placoid Scale or Rostral Tooth of good quality. Almost intact specimen, bearing in mind that those of excellent quality are very rare, because these rostrum quills are hollow and often found in hard sediments where they are almost always damaged during the extraction process. The quality of the enamel, the color and the conservation are also excellent.

Onchopristis numidus is an extinct large Sawfish lived at the time of the dinosaurs. The Onchopristis had a long and resistant shaped snout blade coated on both sides with barbed teeth. This kind of shark elasmobranchia of family of races inhabited the dark depths of the warm shallow seas of the Cretaceous, about 100 million years ago. Like the current sawfish probably spent most of the day immersed in slumber in the silt. At night he used his beak to dig out buried prey, raking them from the sediment. In case of a threat the rostrum was also used as a weapon of defense.

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