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laboratory products

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all you need for your collections!Boxes and pedestals of all types for storing and enhance your purchases, frames and tools useful for your collections, table and field instruments, chemicals, books and scientific texts and a few useful useful accessories for breeding for your pets.

Cat: laboratory products
Acetone 50 ml Preservative Dehydrating Entomology Taxidermy Preparation Insect Vertebrate Invertebrate

Pure Acetone 99% Propanone Ketone Preservative and Dehydrator for...

Cat: laboratory products
Paraloid B72 Acrylic Resin Consolidating Hardener Collection Fossils Minerals Works Artistic Restoration Wood Wall Paintings

Paraloid B72 Acrylic Resin Consolidating Hardener for Collecting...

Cat: laboratory products
Potassium Bicarbonate 100 gr Deacidifying Fungicide Naturalistic Preparations

Potassium Bicarbonate Powdered Salt Deacidifying Fungicide...

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