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Isurus desori (2) Fossil Shortifin Mako Shark's Tooth Dogfishes Cartilaginous Fishes Chondrichthyes Selachians Elasmobranchs Lamnidae

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Origin : North Carolina (U.S.A.)

Geological era : Middle Miocene (Langhian)

Age : 14 million of years

Size : cm 2

Isurus desori Fossil Shortfin Mako Shark Tooth Dogfishes Cartilaginous Fishes Chondrichthyes Selachians Elasmobranchs Lamnidae, only a piece, as in photos, diagonal cm 2, height cm  1.7.

Isurus desori is an extinct Mako Shark lived during the Middle Miocene, from 16 to 12 million years ago, and its fossil remains have been found from Peru to southern North America up.
His teeth are quite large, averaging more than an inch in length and reach a maximum length of well over 2 inches. These teeth are noted for their narrow crown blade-shaped and curved that extends like a tongue, and the lobes with the root to tip.

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