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Asterina gibbosa Starfish cm 4-6 Star Fish Sea Star Echinoderma Asterozoa Asteroidea Asterinidae

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Origin : East Atlantic Ocean (Morocco)

Size : cm 4-6

Asterina gibbosa Starfish Starlet Cushion Star cm 4-6 Star Fish Sea Star  Echinoderma Asterozoa Asteroidea Asterinidae.
Family: Asterinidae.
Common name: Starlet Cushion Star.
Syn. Asterias exigua, Asterias gibbosa, Asterias membranacea, Asterias minuta, Asterias papyracea, Asterina minuta, Asteriscus arrecifensis, Asteriscus ciliatus, Asteriscus gibbosa, Asteriscus pulchellus, Asteriscus verruculatus.

Warning: not all specimens are presented with arms arranged symmetrically pentaraced, as in photos.

Asterina gibbosa is a Starfish that lives in shallow, sheltered under stones. It has arms more or less distinct, sometimes very short, thin stalks protrude from the ends of ambulacrali and the plates have small spines. The back is greenish-gray, and the ventral side is yellow or orange. During the movements of the arms holding the ends upturned, with the photoreceptors to perceive changes in light intensity. Reproduction occurs sexually, all are young males, and with the growth of some become females.

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