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Vulpes vulpes Red Fox 5 Teeth Mammalia Carnivora Canidae

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Origin : Italy

Lot 5 Teeth Red Fox Vulpes vulpes mm 10-16 Mammalia Carnivora Canidae, only a piece, as in photo.
Family: Canidae.
Common name: Red Fox.
Syn. Canis vulpes, Canis alopex.

The Red Fox or simply Fox (Vulpes vulpes Linnaeus, 1758) is the largest of the foxes properly called and the carnivore with the largest range, being present throughout the northern hemisphere by the Arctic polar circle to North Africa, North America and Eurasia. It is classified as a minimum risk species by the IUCN. Its range has expanded along with the human one, having been introduced in Australia, where it is considered harmful for marsupials and indigenous birds. Because of its ecological damage in this last continent, the species is considered among the worst invasive species.
The species originated from smaller ancestors in Eurasia during the middle Villafranchiano, and colonized North America shortly after the Wisconsin glaciation. Among the foxes of the genus Vulpes, the red fox is a more specialized form of carnivorism. Beyond its greater dimensions, it is further distinguished from other foxes in its ability to adapt to any environment. Despite its informal name, the species is not always red, having been reported both albino and melanici specimens. We recognize 45 subspecies, which are divided into two categories: the large northern red foxes and the small southern red foxes of the Asian and Middle Eastern deserts.

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