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Atta sexdens Leaf Cutter Ant Soldier Tropical Insect Hymenopterus Formicidae

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Sex : M

Origin : Peru (Iquitos)

Atta sexdens cm 1.2-1.5 Leaf Cutter Ant Worker Tropical Insect Hymenopterus Formicidae.

Atta sexdens is also called leafcutter ant because with their fragments provide a substrate for mushroom farms that are their main source of food.
 A distinctive feature of these ants are large and powerful jaws with serrated which also discourage predators. Another distinguishing characteristic is their relatively large head to two lobes. Its purpose is to accommodate the large muscles moving the jaws well developed.
 In addition to the queen, the colony contains four castes of sterile workers. The soldiers have a width of 3 mm of the head and sharp mandibles well developed. They are completely dedicated to the defense, and not participate in the management of the colony. In case of attack by a predator, the soldiers assault come out of the nest and try to overpower the assailant. Their bite can easily penetrate human skin.

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