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Cat: coleopters
lot 20 beetles Thailand (1)

Only 1.30 Euro Insect ! Lot of 20 mixed Coleopters Scarabaeidae...

Cat: coleopters
lot 20 beetles Thailand (3)

Only 1.30 Euro Insect ! Lot of 20 mixed Coleopters Scarabaeidae...

Cat: coleopters
lot 20 beetles Thailand (5)

Only 1.30 Insect ! Lot of 20 mixed Coleopters Scarabaeidae...

Cat: Caelifera (locusts)
Aiolopus strepens

Insect Locust, light blue wings , cm 2-2.5. Family: Acrididae,...

Cat: Brachycera (flies)
Exoprosopa sp.

cm 1.2, wing span cm 2.5. Family: Bombyliidae  

Cat: Ensifera (crickets, grasshoppers)
Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa

juvenile specimen, 1.7 cm, circles excluded, unique piece. The...

Cat: Ensifera (crickets, grasshoppers)
Gryllus campestris

European field cricket or field cricket , young, cm 1.5-2, A1/A1-...

Cat: Caelifera (locusts)
Oedaleus decorus

Insect Locust, green blue wings , cm 2-3. Family: Acrididae,...

Cat: Caelifera (locusts)
5,70 4,50

Insect Locust, The red-winged grasshopper, cm 2-2.5, wing span cm...

Cat: Pieridae
4,70 3,90

Cabbage Butterfly Greater, wing lenght cm 2.5-3. First or second...

Cat: Carabidae
Carabus granulatus intertitialis

cm 1.7-2

Cat: Scarabaeinae
Cheironitis irroratus

cm 1.4-2

Cat: Moths
9,40 5,50

the elephant hawk-moth, A2 quality (specimens have various damage),...

Cat: Rutelinae
Hoplia coerulea

mm 7-9. Hoplia coerulea is a species of scarabaeid beetle belonging...

Cat: Moths
7,30 5,50

Butterfly Sphinx of Galio. One wing lenght cm 1.7-2, A1/A1- quality...

Cat: Ensifera (crickets, grasshoppers)
Pholidoptera aptera

The Alpine Dark Bush Cricket, cm 2-2.5. Family: Tettigoniidae

Cat: Lycaenidae
4,50 3,50

The silver-studded blue, one wing lenght cm 1.4-1.5, A1- quality...

Cat: Apidae (bees, bombices)
Bombus rupestris

cm 1.5-2.3. Syn. Apathus rupestris, Apis albinella, Apis arenaris,...

Cat: Zygoptera
Calopteryx virgo meridionalis

cm 4.5-4.9, wing span cm 6-6.3. Subspecie: C. V. meridionalis Family:...

Cat: Apidae (bees, bombices)
Bombus lapidarius - queen

queen, cm 2-2.2, wing span cm 4

Cat: Apidae (bees, bombices)
Bombus pratorum - worker

worker, cm 1-1.5

Cat: Heteroptera (bugs)
Deraeocoris ruber

mm 6-8 Family: Miridae  

Cat: scorpions
Euscorpius italicus (1)

cm 3-3.5. The Italian scorpion, (Euscorpius italicus Herbst, 1800),...

Cat: scorpions
Euscorpius italicus (2)

cm 3.6-4.8, large. The Italian scorpion, (Euscorpius italicus Herbst,...

Cat: other
Forficula auricolaria

common earwig or European earwig, cm 2-2.5. Order: Dermaptera Family:...

Cat: Heteroptera (bugs)
Pentatoma rufipes

cm 1.2-1.5. Family: Pentatomidae

Cat: Heteroptera (bugs)
Rhyparochromus vulgaris

mm 7-8. Family: Lygaeidae The species is widespread in most of...

Cat: spiders and tarantula
Argiope bruennichi

leg span cm 4.5-5.5. Common name: wasp spider, spider tiger, Epeira...

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