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Morpho sulkowskyi (2) Insect Blue Tropical Butterfly Morphos

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Sex : F

Origin : Colombia

Morpho sulkowsky female one wing lenght cm 4.5-5 Insect Blue Tropical Butterfly Morphos.
Common name: Sulkowsky's Morpho.
Syn. Morpho ganymede.

Morpho sulkowskyi, or Sulkowsky's Morpho, is a Neotropical butterfly. It is found in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
It is endemic to the rainforest of the tropical Andes, from 800 to 1,500 meters up to 3,500 meters. Morpho sulkowskyi and Morpho lympharis are the only Morphos occupying this habitat.
These two species may actually be conspecific. There are several subspecies and many forms have been described.
The changing colors of Morpho sulkowskyi are caused by the presence of fluorescent pigments in their wings which, together with their nanostructure, are responsible for the iridescent fluorescence of its holographic sheen. The major blue fluorescent pigment contributing to the fluorescence of M. sulkowskyi was found to be L-erythro biopterin, along with minor components of pterin and isoxanthopterin.
It is very similar to, and maybe conspecific with Morpho lympharis.
Morpho sulkowskyi sulkowskyi V. Kollar, 1850
Morpho sulkowskyi hoppiana F.W. Niepelt, 1923
Morpho sulkowskyi selenaris E. Le Moult & P. Réal, 1962
Morpho sulkowskyi sirene F.W. Niepelt, 1911

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