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Nephila sp. Spider Golden Orb-Weaver Arachnida Araneidae

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Origin : Indonesia (Java)

Nephila sp. cm 4-6 leg span Spider Golden Orb-Weaver Arachnida Araneidae Quality A1-.
Family: Araneidae, Subfamily: Nephilinae.
Common name: Golden Orb Weaver.

The name derives from the Greek νὲω, nèo that is I thread, I weave, and φιλέω, filèo, that is, I desire, I love, wanting to mean an innate propensity to weave and build webs.
They are spiders of considerable size, normally the size of a human palm for females and 1/5 of this for males; they build elaborate cobwebs with yellowish threads, perhaps the most complex of all spiders. Spherical in shape, they are often renewed as they lose viscosity after a few hours. The complexion deceives many insects that remain trapped there.
It is not uncommon for the female after mating to eat the male or the males that approach her allowing other males to mate. In the literature there are cases of cannibalism with other spiders also of the same dimensions and cases of real escape from approaching beetles, when they could constitute an excellent lunch. Often the members of the genus Nephila are parasitized by other tiny spiders of the genus Argyrodes. Probably the continuous reconstruction of the web can be a way to temporarily get rid of these inconvenient parasites.
They secrete a poison that is quite powerful and similar to that of the black widow but without lethal consequences for human beings, which causes edema and blisters without consequences.
In recent years the particular thread secreted by these spiders is affecting nanotechnology scholars, since subjected to experiments from the technological point of view it was noticed that it has the following exceptional properties: greater stretching resistance of the steel for the same diameter, extensibility comparable to rubber, ability to absorb water without losing the previous properties listed; it is also biodegradable and has mechanical properties comparable to kevlar.

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