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Gasteracantha mammosa Spider Spiny Backed Orb-Weaver Arachnida Araneidae

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Origin : Indonesia (Java)

Gasteracantha mammosa mm 6-9 Spider Spiny Backed Orb-Weaver Arachnida Araneidae, dark morph.
Rare Spider, very difficult to find.

Family: Araneidae.
Common name: Asian Spiny-Backed Spider or Doble-Spotted Spiny Spider.
Sin. Gasteracantha cancriformis, Aranea cancriformis, Aranea conchata, Aranea tetracantha, Dicantha lata, Epeira cancer, Epeira lata, Epeira servillei, Gasteracantha biolleyi, Gasteracantha callida, Gasteracantha canestrinii, Gasteracantha columbiae, Gasteracantha comstocki, Gasteracantha elliptica, Gasteracantha hilaris, Gasteracantha insulana, Gasteracantha kochii, Gasteracantha mascula, Gasteracantha maura, Gasteracantha moesta, Gasteracantha oldendorffii, Gasteracantha pallida, Gasteracantha preciosa, Gasteracantha proboscidea, Gasteracantha quadridens, Gasteracantha raimondii, Gasteracantha rubiginosa, Gasteracantha servillei, Gasteracantha tetracantha, Gasteracantha velitaris, Micrathena triserrata, Plectana atlantica, Plectana cancriformis, Plectana elipsoides, Plectana lata, Plectana quinqueserrata, Plectana servillei, Plectana sexserrata, Plectana triserrata, Plectana velitaris, Vibradellus carolinus.

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