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Hypoctonus rangunensis Uropygi Whipscorpion Vinegaroon Chelicerata Arachnida

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Origin : Thailand (Lampoon)

Hypoctonus rangunensis Uropygid Whipscorpion Vinegaroon Chelicerata Arachnida.
Cephalothorax 4-5 cm (pedipalps and filiform "tail" or telson excluded from the measurement).

Order: Uropygi (whipscorpions), family: Thelyphonidae.
Common name: Whip Scorpion.
Syn: Thelyphonus rangunensis.

These animals are not poisonous, but when attacked the uropygies have the ability to discharge an offensive vinegar-smelling liquid, which contains acetic acid, hence their exotic common name Vinegaroons, Vinegarroons or Vinegarones.

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