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Another Italian dinosaur

Saltriovenator (whose name means "hunter of Saltrio") is an extinct genus of dinosaur teropod ceratosaurus lived in the lower Jurassic about 198 million years ago, in Saltrio, in Italy, in the first Jurassic (Sinemurian), a period immediately following the mass extinction that occurred 201 [...]
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Betelgeuse, the giant who is dying

Betelgeuse is the second brightest star in the constellation of Orion after Rigel, a red supergiant that will end his life in a supernova exploding, resulting in a sudden flash of ultraviolet radiation intensity of 100 billion times the solar luminosity. [...]
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The giants of the Carboniferous

The name of the Carboniferous comes from the fact that in the soils formed in this period are many widespread deposits of coal, in consequence of the great development of forests occurred in this period. Among the invertebrates, Arthropleura, in particular, was a kind of giant centipedes, while Meganeura [...]
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The extremists of life.

Archaea live in some of the most extreme environments on the planet. They are able to survive in temperatures above 100 ° C, in the depths of the sea at high pressures, where they produce methane. Others live in hot springs, or in the Arctic and Antarctic oceans, which remain frozen for most of the [...]
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Evolution and natural selection

Let's talk about the evolution of species by natural selection, an argument that, if someone is a concept definitively established as a fact of life, for others, either through ignorance, do you want to fanaticism, is a source of conflict where there would be questioned their faith religious [...]
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The meaning of cosmological existence - part II

After trying to define in my previous article (written back in 2002 and published on our website at this link) the Reality as a great and consoling melody vibrating cosmic strings that unites all lovingly beyond the immeasurable distances , I would now like to point out that the heat death of the universe [...]
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Evolution of cetaceans

According to the most recent theories on the evolution of whales, these animals have evolved from terrestrial ancestors, and then returned to aquatic life. The question of how these animals have evolved to fully aquatic life has remained unanswered for a long time, because of the lack of fossils, until [...]
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The embalming in history

Embalming is a set of techniques designed to preserve a dead body or an animal body (taxidermy) by decomposition. Many times there is confusion between the terms Embalming and Mummification but we will explain well the difference immediately and begin by specifying that the name "Mummy" treated [...]
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Aliens and shadow biospheres

With shadow biosphere is defined an hypothetical microbial biosphere of Earth that uses biochemical and molecular processes radically different than currently known life. Even if life on Earth is relatively well studied, the shadow biosphere can still be remained unknown, due to selective exploration [...]
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Matter: reality or illusion?

Today microphysics deals with atoms and its constituents: elementary particles and sub-particles. Despite that quantum mechanics has greatly challenged the actual reality (and therefore even the very existence) of such a conception. In our journey through the universe of smaller meanders through [...]
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