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Balaenoptera Fossil Vertebra Blue Whale Prehistoric Megafauna Pliocene Terziary Collection

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Origin : South Carolina - U.S.A.

Geological era : Late Pliocene (Gelasian)

Age : 2.5 million of years

Size : 558 gr - cm 15.8 x 11.1 x 7.7 h

Caudal Fossil Bone Vertebra Blue Whale cm 15.8 x 11.1 x 7.7 gr 558 Balaenoptera sp. Prehistoric Whale Megafauna Mammals Extinct Cetaceans Pliocene Tertiary Cenozoic Neogene Collecting Paleontology Museum.

Remarkable collectible fossil find of good quality, well preserved, with fair details of the structure of the vertebral body and articular processes. No restored at all. Only a piece, as in photos.

Balenoptera is a Cetacean belonging to the family of Balaenopteridae, a group of baleen whales, which also include the current humpback whale, blue whale, whale of Bryde, common whale and minke whale.
It is believed that the family of Balenopteridae has been separated from the other families of the suborder Mysticeta, also called baleen whales or great whales, in the middle Miocene. However, little is known of when the members of the various families of Mysticeta, including Balenopterida, separated from each other. The list of extinct cetaceans, from lower Eocene is very large and equally incomplete. The Cetacea order (whales, dolphins and porpoises) are descendants of extinct mammals ungulates artiodactyls, slowly adapted to aquatic life. At first they are specialized for swimming than for walking on land, and then eventually they evolved into fully marine cetaceans.

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